The Mermaid Cove Gift Guide

With Christmas around the corner, we started thinking about presents for our favourite people and had so much fun doing that that we came up with The Mermaid Cove Gift Guide. Our guide will hopefully help you find a 100% natural skincare present for all your loved ones. From the health-nut and jet-setter to the busy bee - you'll find the perfect gift here.


For the Sun Lover

She’s full of adventure and can always be found soaking up the sun in the most scenic places! This jar of skin loving cacao & coconut is all she needs to keep her skin happy & glowing! PURE LOVE

For the Health-Nut

She knows all the hot health food spots in town & can give you the best advice when it comes to nourishing your body. Made with her favourite super foods (Green Tea, Spinach Leaf) this healthy green mask will leave her skin feeling well fed! GREEN GENIE

For the Fun One

Live music & long weekends with friends is what she lives for. This gal can be counted on when you need some advice on where to head to for some fun! Packed with softening & antibacterial properties this moisturiser makes sure her skin stays fresh and radiant - no matter where she’s headed to next. KARMA CAMELLIA

For the Indulgent Gal

She’s into everything that is pampering and comforting. From soft fabrics and champagne to fresh flowers on her desk- she knows how to make a room feel gorgeous & is the go-to person for styling tips. This face spray is her ideal companion for blooming freshness throughout the day. WHOLE LOTTA ROSIE

For Chocolate Lovers

The rich and indulgent smell of cacao will do wonders for her mood & skin - deliciously moisturising ingredients coupled with all the goodness of the superfood cacao! Getting her GLOW on was never this yummy! CACAO COFFEE SCRUB

For Your Other Half

He likes to keep things simple and enjoys the little things in life: nature walks with his dog and a good cold beer. When it comes to his skincare it’s all about simplicity. This Sea Salt Soap will be his new favourite - nourishing, 100% pure with zero fuss. PURE SEA SALT SOAP

For the Busy Bee

Me-time doesn’t come quite often for this one, she’s hard-working and takes care of everyone around her. She’s your mum, best friend or small business owner and does multi-tasking like a pro with a smile on her face. The gentle & soothing ingredients in this clay mask will give her those special few minutes a day to truly connect with herself. MALLOW OUT

For the Jet-setter

Flying across the globe for meeting, working abroad or simply a global nomad - she’s the one who brings stories home. She’s always on the look out for the next great adventure and gives the best travel tips. Show her some love with this nourishing & calming face serum - perfect for dehydrated skin. OIL YOU NEED IS LOVE.


Need more advice on getting the perfect gift? We'd LOVE to help! Send us an Email and we'll get back to you in the flick of a Mermaid's Tail!

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