Mermaid Seacret: Winter Make-Up

Here at Mermaid Cove we love everything that the spring & summer season has to offer! However, winter is just around the corner and although reluctantly, we are switching to our winter skincare ritual. And after all, winter is not that bad, considering we are supplied with hot chocolate, Netflix & some wonderfully scented skin care product...

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Mermaid Seacret


Indoor heating and cold, dry climate takes it's toll on any skin type and it's highly recommended you switch products in the cooler months. Taking your make up from summer to winter become super easy with this little Mermaid Tip:

✨Place usual amount of mineral make up in your hand/dish. 
✨Add 1-1.5 drops of facial oil. 
✨Mix & GLOW!

Our product picks.

Flawless ECO Minerals powder - it's suitable for all skin types (including very sensitive skin), 100% natural and has SPF 25. Ticks all the boxes for us. Plus, the range of shades available makes it easy to find the perfect match for your skin tone.

Alyssum Alchemy Rose Radiance is a calming and moisturising facial nectar. The scent of organic Rose, Geranium and Australian Sandalwood is serene and wonderfully calming. Made with highly nutritious ingredients this face oil is amazing for the cooler winter months. Including plant extracts of Vanilla & Calendula infusions and oils of Rosehip, Grapeseed, Pomegranate & Evening Primrose this wonderfully scented oil is our top pick for keeping your skin in perfect condition during winter. 

Truly Enjoy Mermaids! 🐚