Dan from 'ili Skincare

We always thought that using skincare products made by hand was something special. It feels different on your skin and makes you feel better - inside and out. It is this passion we share with our wonderful suppliers.

One of the first brands we launched, 'ili skincare, creates a truly unique skincare experience - one that is inspired by the tropical island of Kauai and focused on bringing skincare back to simplicity and honesty. 

Having first encountered the brand during our travels to Kauai, we were hooked immediately and knew we wanted to introduce this amazing brand to Australia. The products are lovingly hand-made from sustainable raw ingredients that are (mostly) sourced on the island and are all made by the founder Dan himself. Coffee, coconut and gorgeous cacao oils that are used in the range makes the product smell gorgeous and feel amazing.

We asked founder Dan some questions about how everything started with 'ili skincare, his favourite product and what true beauty means to him - we hope you enjoy reading his answers just as much as we did. 

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We love the beautiful range of coffee scrubs you created. What inspired you to start your own skincare brand?

Inspiration came from just living on Kauai and having to be resourceful about how you make a living on a small island in the middle of the ocean. We were watching a few startups grow quickly with the introduction of social media networking. That and seeing a niche in this distinct segment of a market. Very much at the right time in the right place.

What is your favorite part of owning 'ili skincare?

I guess the challenge of not really knowing anything about skin care specifically; I grew up with hippy parents and have always lived a very healthy outdoor Australian lifestyle. It’s not until later in life that I found myself really appreciating that. I love more than anything to mess around with new ingredients and recipes that I find on my travels around the world. I have some new products I’m working on and the excitement of trying them out in the marketplace is scary but so fun.

If you had to pick one favorite product of your range, which would it be?

I think the coconut cacao scrub. I grow both coconuts and cacao. Both plants have so many amazing attributes. If I had it my way I would put cacao essential oil in everything. And coconuts! Wow, they’re exquisite. I have filmed and documented my dad as a master weaver for years. He is one of the few last great weavers using cacao leaves to hold lost patterns from around the world. You can check his website out here: www.okkawikka.com. Using the raw oil as our main ingredient just makes sense.

What's your vision for 'ili skincare in the future?

That's easy. I have seen a lot of brands get big quick and end up changing from what they started out to be and losing focus on what they represent. I want to keep 'ili scrub humble, sustainable and Hawaiian made. I'm not chasing huge success. I’m chasing longevity here in our local community and across the islands.

What does true beauty mean to you?

“True beauty" is when you watch a vanilla bean vine grow as a beautiful romantic twisting love affair with a cacao tree. Combine those two ingredients together and you have true beauty.


Want to know more about the gorgeous 'ili skincare range? Their products are available from our shop and you can learn more here. 


Image by @iliscrub