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We are so excited to introduce you to our NEW brand: Balanced Pantry offers adaptogenic blends for happier, wholesome living. These herbal blends compliment a healthy diet by adding minerals, vitamins and enzymes - perfect for increasing your overall wellbeing.

Each blend is made with a certain purpose, responsibly packaged and has a lovely name: A Spoonful of Love, Spoonful of Sparkle & Glow Milk - and are ideal for those who want to nourish themselves from the inside out. You can read more about each blend and it's benefits here.

We asked founder Eve about how it all started with Balanced Pantry and what exactly adaptogens do. We hope you have just as much fun reading her answers as we did! 

What inspired you to launch your own brand Balanced Pantry?

My family's interest in natural health stems back to my grandma, who had a committed yoga practice (before it was mainstream in Western culture), took herbs for wellness and grew all her own organic fruit & vegetables. My Mum and I have followed in her footsteps and have been living and breathing natural health for as long as I can remember. I started using adaptogens several years ago to keep my own energy and stress levels in check, but I was either having to order them in huge quantities & blend them myself or purchase adaptogenic formulas from other countries like the U.S, which was time-consuming and expensive. One evening my Mum and I were having a conversation about the lack of adaptogens here in Australia; and it just clicked. We knew we had the knowledge and experience to do something about it, so we got to work!

Have you always been into natural skincare and nutrition?

Absolutely. Aside from Balanced Pantry, I also own an online green beauty boutique - Eve Organics, which was born when I was in my early 20's and struggling to heal my adult acne using commercial products. I believe that almost anything can be solved from the inside out - and naturally. Nature contains so many powerful ingredients; that's where we should always look first for health and healing.

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Tell us a little more about adaptogens. What makes them so good for the body?

Adaptogens are named so because they help the body to 'adapt' to stress and challenge. They work by regulating the adrenal system, which is responsible for producing a number of important hormones; including the stress hormone, cortisol. Different adaptogenic herbs have different health benefits - but they all work by helping the body to regulate itself, and bring a number of important functions back into balance. 

Apart from feeding the skin from inside with good nutrition, what do you believe is key to glowing, healthy skin?

Good nutrition is definitely key, particularly for acne sufferers (as is water consumption!), but there are a few other things I swear by. One is dry body brushing (amazing for detoxifying and boosting circulation).  I also believe in changing your routine with your skin's needs. Our bodies are always in flux - if your usual moisturiser isn't offering you enough hydration any more, or if the weather changes and you feel you need something richer, then listen to your skin! It knows what it needs. Look after and cherish it, and make your beauty routine a self-care ritual that you look forward to.

What does true Beauty mean to you?

True beauty to me is being your best, truest self as much as you can. That might mean being strong one day and vulnerable the other - it might mean speaking your mind or quietly listening - it's doing what you feel is right in every moment. And if you mess up, forgive yourself, forget about it and know that you did the best you can. Beauty is absolute authenticity!

Thank you so much Eve! 

Image by @libertygreen

Note: If you are on medication, pregnant or trying to conceive talk to a health professional before making any changes to your diet or using products containing essential oils and herbal extract.