Jumana from Herbs + Heart

Herbs + Heart is a Sydney-based brand that launched in 2017. Founder Jumana is very passionate about sharing her love for all-natural skin care and it shows in her products. 

We asked Jumana a few questions about her journey towards Herbs + Heart and hope you truly enjoy reading her answers!

Tell us about the story behind Herbs + Heart. What was your inspiration for starting a natural skincare brand?

My interest in Natural Beauty started during my teenage, cystic acne ridden years. After much unfortunate experimentation with most of the over-the-counter solutions, I was left with burnt skin, hyperpigmentation, and a low self esteem from all the chemically harsh products that my sensitive skin (and soul) did not handle well. 

Yet, as an enthusiastic DIYer and Google’s number one fan, I dived into research to find my own natural magic cure to my hormonal skincare woes. This was the beginning of my love in formulating my own skincare. I discovered nature had the most amazing things to offer me, and I absolutely revelled in know what I was feeding my skin. Much of my initial routine often involved ingredients fresh from the kitchen – herbs, spices, milk! To physically ‘cook’ up masks, washes & toners gave me a lot of clarity (pun intended) around the topic of how to best look after my skin. 

My acne subsequently calmed down, and as I entered adult life, I knew for me Natural Skincare was the only way forward. I continued to create my own concoctions as a hobby, but the idea to formulate my own line came from my Brother, who after trying one of my homemade cleansers one day said to me, ‘Man you should really bottle this stuff.’ Ha. Ha. 

Cutting a long story short, I woke up one day to have handed in my resignation as a Brand Manager in the pursuit of Medicine, which lead to a detour in Chemistry, Cosmetic Chemistry to be specific. After years of building the habit to scrutinise, research, and teach myself on skincare ingredients, it hurt to have realised the harmful toxins that reside in many everyday products I had not payed much attention to. Products my mom, my sisters, and my dear friends still used.

In fact, the average Australian women slaps over 550 chemicals on her body everyday, many of which have scary repercussions for our health. 

This very fact that left me absolutely dumfounded, was also the very reason I set about to making my ‘DIY’ thing real – because I believed more than ever in the power of those natural ingredients. Ingredients I was knowledgeable on, Ingredients I felt empowered by; I wanted to share that feeling with women all over.

Herbs & Heart was an ardous journey to deliver skincare that women understood, was easy to use, was as true to its natural state as we could have it, and focused only on achieving Happy & Healthy skin.

We finally made it. (Pun intended, again.) 

Herbs + Heart


Why is clean, 100% natural skincare important to you?

Because new data is being unearthed everyday that link the effects of certain chemicals to many devastating illnesses. Regulation in this Industry is lacking, and chemicals that have been flagged still abundantly appear around us.

The only way to look after yourself is by becoming knowledgeable on the ingredients you put on yourself, and natural being the most relatable, with centuries of human use is our most promising option. The key for me is helping people make the transition, and creating conversations around this, after all, if we care so much about what we put in our body, shouldn’t we also equally care about what we put on it?

What's your daily skincare routine? Any skincare tips you would like to share with us?

I cleanse my face once a day with Face Mud once, or twice a day, often if I am without make-up or if my skin feels good, just going with a splash of warm water.

I then swipe Skin Tonic over my face. This feels cooling and refreshing but I also need this to keep irritation and blemishes at bay during that time of the month.

My one tip is applying your moisturiser whilst your face is still moist. I do this either straight after applying Skin Tonic, or straight after rinsing off my Face Mud if I am skipping the toner. The mini-face massage feels awesome, plus I do feel it’s a bit of extra hydration that gets in. I’m currently using our Aloe Whip, which has the softest most silky feel once everything is absorbed in. 

If you had to pick one favourite product from your collection which would it be and why?

Face Mud, hands down. It’s a 3-in-1 but I honestly feel like it can do everything. And I’m obsessed with it’s star ingredient, the Manuka Honey. 

As women we get so many messages from the media about beauty. What does true beauty mean to you?

Beauty begins with self-love. Beauty products should be considered as ‘nice to haves’ not by any means a necessity. If you embrace your truest self on the good hair days as well as the puffy bloated days – you’ll never ‘need’ a cosmetic product in your life.

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Image by @herbsnheart