For the Love of Sea Salt

Have you noticed how when you spend time in the ocean scars and pimples heal quicker? This is because of the minerals in sea salt. Pure Sea Salt offers an abundance of benefits for the body and skin.

Used in skincare sea salt can contribute towards healthier, glowing skin and is a great ingredient to support the skin to heal. 

Including sea salt in your diet supports detoxification which is important for the healthy functioning of your digestion and the absorption of minerals and vitamins through the body. 

Our bodies are naturally good at getting rid of waste products and other components that need to be removed from the system. But our modern-day urban living makes it harder for the body to process waste (e.g. chemicals cosmetics, alcohol and fast food). We can end up experiencing a range of symptoms from poor digestion and acne to fatigue and difficulty in concentration. 



Adding Sea Salt to your diet and beauty routine is one thing you can do to make a significant difference to how you feel and look. The minerals in sea salt such as magnesium, zinc and potassium all contribute towards a clearer, softer skin and complexion.

Sea Salt is a nature's natural detoxifier and can absorb toxins from the skin. Used in your bath water, scrub or in your soap when showering sea salt can help your skin achieve it's once healthy balance.

Used topically in skincare, sea salt also has healing properties that are perfect for managing acne, eczema and the appearance of scars and stretch marks. 

So, how can you add this natural ingredient to your everyday beauty routine? Here are a few ways to get salty:

  • Include magnesium or epsom salts to your bath water. The minerals will ease muscle pain, soften skin and help heal scars faster.

  • Use a body scrub that includes sea salt 1-2x weekly to exfoliate and reveal softer skin. Not only will your skin feel super soft, but the minerals in the salt will help draw toxins out of the skin whilst you scrub away.

  • If you want to have the detoxifying benefits of sea salt on a daily basis, consider using a sea salt soap for showering. Sea salt soaps are gentle enough for daily use and support the healing of skin tissue.

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