Cold Weather Skincare

Summer is most definitely our favourite season of the year. But the cooler months do have some good things to offer too - we're thinking: hot chocolate, cozy days in bed and gorgeous masks and oils to treat your skin. 

The season's drop in temperature is also accompanied by lower levels of humidity. Less humidity causes the skin to lose hydration faster and can leave your skin feeling dry, tight and even flaky or itchy. It's definitely beneficial to your skin to make the switch when the season changes. Changing your products and skincare routine to suit the cooler season will help your skin cope better with the drop in temperature and dryness from indoor heating. 

Below we have listed some tips on how you can easily move to the new season, with glowing skin as a result.

Facial Wash

Cleansing with oil or using a cream-based facial wash is a better option for the cooler seasons. It won't strip your skin of sebum (it's natural oils) and helps to maintain PH levels. To cleanse with oils, simply massage the oil into your skin, then use a damp warm cloth to wipe away. Repeat this step as often as you need until skin feels clean. In the morning, simply wash your face with water or wipe with a suitable toner, this is just enough to keep it clean. 

Cold Weather Moisturising

In the cooler months it's all about layering. Use an oil first and then layer up with either another oil or moisturiser to make sure skin is well nourished. Make sure you let each product sink into the skin for a few minutes, before applying the next. Choose oils, balms and moisturisers that are richer and more nourishing to give your skin the hydration it needs. 

When it comes to make-up you can take your mineral make-up to a winter version by simply mixing it with some oil to form a hydrating paste. Then apply as you would a foundation (read our blog post on winter make-up).


Using a humidifier in your bedroom during the night creates humidity that is often lost in the cooler months due to indoor heating. The moisture produced by a humidifier can help your skin feel less dry and can assist in avoiding dehydration and cracking of the skin. Increasing the level of humidity in your bedroom during the night also makes it easier for your respiratory system.


Use ultra-hydrating masks and try mixing your clay masks with oil instead of water to give it a more hydrating effect. 

Soft Lips

Your Lips are more prone to being dry and chapped in autumn and winter. This can be simply avoided by moisturising lips with a hydrating lip balm. Adding some lip balm before applying your lipstick will also help to keep your lips softer, or choose a more hydrating formulation.


While you may want to turn up the heat in your shower in the cooler months, don't. Hot water actually makes your skin drier and more prone to cracking. It's better to add a heater to your bathroom and let the room warm up a little before you jump in the shower or bath. Use oil-based shower gels or sea salt soaps that contain oils and butters to help moisturise your skin during your shower. Also, remember to moisturise straight out of the shower/bath whilst your skin is still damp. This helps lock in moisture, leaving your skin softer for longer.

Season Picks

Some of our Top Picks for the cooler season are listed below. Hydrating, nourishing and gentle, these products help to keep your skin in top shape, even in the cooler months!

Stay warm, Mermaids! 🐚