Nicole from Wildcrafted Organics

Wildcrafted Organics is a beautiful hand-made skincare brand from NSW, Australia. Made by the wonderful Nicole, the collection of Wildcrafted Organics products are a luxurious blend of exotic butters, luxurious oils and wildcrafted botanicals.

We love hearing about the people and stories behind a brand, it just makes using a product more personal and meaningful + it's fun to know who makes your skincare products. 

Founder and Formulator Nicole was happy to answer some questions for us and I'm so happy to introduce you to her here on our blog! 

Happy reading, Mermaids! 🐚

We love the collection of skincare products you developed. What was the inspiration behind founding Wildcrafted Organics?

The incredible healing power of plants - and in particular Australia's unique wild botanicals. More and more research is showing that Australia's plants are second to none when it comes to the level of skin loving actives they contain.

Where does your focus on natural skincare come from? Have you always been into "clean beauty"? 

I studied Nutrition and Botanical Medicine in my twenties so it was a natural progression to look for skincare that was both Nutritive and free from nasty chemicals. I had always struggled with my skin and was using ALL the wrong mainstream products and when I made the switch to Natural products there was a huge improvement in my skin.

Wildcrafted Organics is a beautiful line of luxury skincare. What is your favourite part of owning your own brand?

The two things that make me really happy are the Creative Process of dreaming up new products and getting to play around with incredibly beautiful Extracts, Oils, Butters and Clays.

The other is that I am constantly meeting passionate like minded people such as yourself who are dedicated to promoting only the very best of green beauty.

Meet Nicole


We love that you use wildcrafted botanicals in your formulations. Can you tell us a little more about how they differ from conventionally grown plants?

Wild plants must survive the harshest of environments and it is here that they don't just survive they thrive thanks to the incredibly high levels of anti- oxidants they produce. It is these nutrients and anti-oxidants that are so valuable in protecting our skin from the signs of ageing and keeping our skin looking beautifully healthy and radiant. They are incredibly resilient, strong and beautiful.

There is a common misconception that natural and "clean" beauty products don't perform as well as some very well known brands. Why do you think people have this opinion?

I think it is Conventional Brands that have not delivered. I see a lot of women in their forties and fifties unhappy with their skin after years of using mainstream products. Natural Skincare has come a long way - Wildcrafted Organics products are rich in Actives such as Vitamin C, CoQ10 and Vitamin B3 which work synergistically within the formula to provide your skin with the nutrients it needs to be as healthy and beautifully radiant as it can be.

Tell us a little about your daily skincare ritual with Wildcrafted Organics. 

My Cleansing Ritual begins with massaging the Neroli Cleansing Oil into my skin. I then remove this with a hot damp facial cloth - I rinse my cloth and repeat this step another two times.

I spritz my damp skin with Wild Rose Botanical Mist and then follow this with the Wild Plum Illuminating C complex.

Immediately after this I use the Wildflowers Serum. The Wild Cacao, Neroli & Jasmine scent is both intoxicating and addictive and so feminine it is perfect before bed.

In the winter months I alternate between the Wildflowers Serum and Everlasting Beauty Balm as it calms my sensitive, parched skin.

I use the Wild Berry Masque a few times during the week as a cleanse and to exfoliate my skin and then weekly as a masque which exfoliates, nourishes and refines my pores

What is one favourite skincare tip you would like to share?

I mix the Everlasting Beauty Balm with my dry mineral makeup to create a skin loving, luminous foundation.

What does true beauty mean to you?

True Beauty comes from within. Beautiful skin needs to be fed high quality nutritive skincare.


The beautiful collection of Nicole's brand Wildcrafted Organics can be found in our shop. Happy browsing, Mermaids!