Clay Cleansing: The Perfect Ritual for your Skin

Using clays to cleanse, soften and purify the skin is a very old practise that has been around for years - the first masks are said to have been clay masks. Clays are truly a wonderful gift from mother nature and can make a great addition to your everyday skincare rituals.

When formulating Pink Sea Clay I wanted to use clays that would be mild enough for even sensitive and dry skin types, so they could benefit from clay cleansing as well. The Pink Sea Clay is made using Pink Clay & Kaolin. Chosen for their gentle, yet cleansing properties these two clays work great together (Pink Clay actually is part Kaolin) and are gentle enough to use on sensitive and dry skin.

Here’s what makes Pink Clay and Kaolin so great: Pink Clay is gently cleansing to the skin and is actually one of the mildest clays you can find, so it’s suitable to use on all skin types and perfect for those with dry and sensitive skin. Pink Clay has skin softening properties, provides a very mild exfoliation and can help calm irritated skin. It can also help fade hyper-pigmentation and tighten the pores. Kaolin Clay (or china clay) is a very mild clay, yet cleansing and toning to the skin. Kaolin has the ability to absorb impurities without stripping the natural oils that are in our skin, which makes it perfect for even dry or sensitive skin. Kaolin can also help improve the complexion and leaves the skin looking refreshed and bright.

PINK sea clay


I always look forward to cleansing with Pink Sea Clay in the mornings and evenings - it has become an integral part of my daily skincare ritual and helps keep my skin clear and glowing, It's the silken texture, relaxing scent + the way it makes my skin feel and look after cleansing that makes Pink Sea Clay such a beautiful part of my daily skincare.

Another reason why cleansing with clays is so amazing is that clay-cleansing actually makes you slow down. It's an act of love to blend the clay with droplets of water in your palm, massage it into your skin & take a few deep breaths whilst you let the clays work their magic.

And since the Pink Sea Clay is an anhydrous product (doesn’t contain water) it can be used in multiple ways - for masking, cleansing & also as an exfoliant (if you choose to add in an exfoliating agent). It also means that the product doesn’t need to contain a preservative (which can be an irritant to especially sensitive skin). Also, since the Pink Sea Clay is in it’s dry form it allows you to create a cleansing blend that suits your skin’s needs: You can mix up your clay using water, floral hydrosols (e.g. Neroli Water, Rose Water), yoghurt or even add in a little oil to make it a more hydrating blend - whatever you think your skin needs.

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