Small Brands, Big Impact

We believe in small businesses and creative individuals who make wonderful skincare products - so much that we wanted to give 100% natural, small-batch products a platform. It's the reason we have founded Mermaid Cove Organics.

When you purchase products made by small brands you are supporting real people. Natural small-batch brands mean a more sustainable practice, diversity and a deeper connection with the products. 

Here are our top reasons of why small brands have a big impact:

Authenticity - Small brands have true character. They are as unique as the founders and are incomparable to any other brand on the market. A small brand will also be more organic and stick to it's values. 

Diversity - You know how big brands often launch products that are similar to others in the market? We're not referring to trends (e.g facial oils are more popular today), but rather to an actual creative process that takes place during the product creation. Well, the likelihood of finding very similar products in the small business space is smaller as the majority of products are crafted as part of a creative outlet for the maker. 

Sustainability - Imagine how  much more control a small business owner has over their entire business. From the sourcing of raw ingredients, to packaging, shipping and advertising activities, small businesses can choose the suppliers according to their values, making sure they meet the standards they set for themselves in terms of sustainable practises. 

Community & Connection - Providing a unique, personalised customer experience is what small businesses do best. They are connected to communities & their customers in a way that large businesses struggle to. It's these meaningful relationships that make customers lifelong loyal followers and allows a trust to be built between the business & the consumer.


Broad but overlooked segments of consumers are being forgotten by big brands’ mass appeal, and even the smallest of players can use the internet to build strong personal connections with those left behind.