Travel Skincare Tips for Mermaids

Travel is something I’ve always loved so very much. But it can take it’s toll on my skin. Skin issues is something most women complain about when they travel and it’s no wonder: Between changes in climate, diet and jet lag it can be pretty hard to keep your skin looking and feeling good. stick to your beauty routine.

After many flights across the globe I’ve found a few tricks that help immensely with keeping skin in the best shape possible whilst travelling.

Time for your Beauty Ritual

The most important thing of all is to try and stick as much as you can to your usual beauty routine & a healthy diet. Travelling is not the right time to try out new skincare products. Your skin will already have so much to deal with - new skincare products can make adjusting more difficult, especially for those of you with dry, sensitive skin. Using products that your skin is already used to helps keep your skin calm and happy.

Skin Hydration + Moisture

Your skin can get very dehydrated on long-haul flights due to very low humidity levels. And because air is so very dry in the plane it’s best to apply your skincare products before you board the plane. Like this you can still lock in moisture from the water/toner you’ve used and it’s won’t be absorbed by the dry plane air. A good pre-flight skincare ritual will help your skin stay hydrated during air travel.

Make sure you cleanse your face well (remove all make-up), then do a face mask with our Pink Sea Clay is - mix it up with rose or neroli water + a pump of your face oil for a more luxurious + creamy consistency. Let the mask dry on your skin and wash off with a gentle face cloth. Use either a toner or leave skin moist with water, then apply a good quality serum. Ingredients such as Vitamin C and plant-based Hyaluronic Acid are great to look out for in a serum. Next you’ll want to apply your face oil of choice that will seal in the moisture and create a protective layer on your skin. Midnight Magic is a great choice for long-haul flights as she’s filled with vitamins and antioxidants that will help nourish your skin. During the flight I suggest to re-apply your oil as often as you feel is necessary - make sure to add a little face massage to boost blood flow. Oh, and disinfect your hands before you touch your face. ;)

TraveL tips


It’s also so very important to drink plenty of pure water (avoid caffeine + alcohol) whilst travelling. Remember that your body loses water at a much faster rate during air travel - so it’s important to stay well hydrated (even if you’re on a window seat).

Make sure you also travel with a good quality hand cream + lip balm so you can moisturise your hands and lips during the flight.

Travel Essentials

These are my personal favourite products to use when flying + travelling.

Pink Sea Clay Pink Sea Clay is a luxuriously soft and gentle cleansing clay that leaves your skin feeling soft, fresh and bright. Her beautiful light floral, tea-like scent is comforting and soothing. She’s great for use during a pre-flight skin ritual and perfect for gently cleansing the skin whilst travelling. She can also be used as a gentle but purifying clay mask during your trip - meaning you’ll need to pack one less product

Ocean Glow is a gentle blend of Jasmine and German Chamomile oils that helps soothe and calm sensitive and dry skin (perfect for travel!). The German Chamomile is so calming for the skin and contains chamazulene - a component that is anti-inflammatory and great to use on irritated skin as it calms everything down. Beautiful Jasmine is a treat for your senses and helps balance and hydrate your skin.

Midnight Magic is a powerful blend of botanicals that are great for keeping skin looking and feeling great. Full to the brim with vitamins & antioxidants that nourish and regenerate the skin! Midnight Magic helps keep skin soft & supple - even above the ground + across time zones!

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Sol is pure sunshine - a joyful & happy 100% natural perfume oil. Sol connects with the heart and duces feelings of Joy & Happiness - she’ll instantly put you in a good mood! Sol is made with 100% pure essential oils of Neroli, Jasmine, Orange, Mandarin & Roman Chamomile - oils that are uplifting and harmonising and vanilla-infused organic Jojoba oil. Perfect for long flights to keep you smiling.

Our Tropical Scrunchies are beautiful and comfortable hair essentials that help keep your Mer-mane in place + they are gentler on hair as well (think no metallic bits). I suggest tying your hair in a top-knot (best in-flight hairstyle for Mermaids with long hair!).

Do you have any favourite Travel Skincare Tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Travels Mermaids