True Beauty

As part of our Easter Competition we asked YOU to tell us what True Beauty means to you. We were thrilled to see so many amazing answers from all of you. Thank you all so much for sharing your wonderful words with us! 

So below we put together just some of the meanings of True Beauty - as you can see it means a lot of different things to different people. Here's to our all our wonderfully diverse & beautiful souls. 

Much joy reading, Mermaids & Mermen! 🐚

true beauty


Katrina: True Beauty is a radiance from within when someone let's love guide their actions.

Denise: For me true beauty means to nourish from the inside with self love and care. When we fill our hearts with love and nature and fill our belly with good food and when we radiate all this love we become a beacon and shine and others catch our light and they shine too.

Alex: True beauty is being confident, honest and caring. It's about ones values and actions rather than ones appearance.

Lorraine: Being truthful, honest, helpful, and trustworthy.

Samantha: True beauty to me means that a person is kind, caring, helpful, friendly, and a beautiful soul.

Gemma: It means embracing what makes us different and accepting that's what makes us beautiful.

Nicole: True beauty is what's on the inside as well as on the outside. True beauty is loving who you are without a doubt. True beauty is having a personality and a kind, generous heart. Loving those around you, giving encouragement and being selfless is a great place to start.

Theresa: True beauty is embracing who you are completely! No matter what anyone may shout at you or judge you for, you answer to no one but yourself. It’s the person looking back at you in the mirror.

Rebecca: Is when my partner looks at me and sees my flaws, but loves me nonetheless.

Hannah: True beauty is honesty and kindness, being true to yourself but also contributing to other's lives and happiness.

Jacqui: Looking at yourself in the mirror and being happy with what you see - warts and all!

Lisa: True Beauty is about feeling good in our own skin and learning to love and make the best of our imperfections.

Tracey: It means being comfortable in your own skin. It means shining from the inside. It means wearing your smile as your makeup. It means having the confidence to step out with a bare face, but being able to glam up for a special event. It means not comparing yourself to others. It means having a winning personality to match the beautiful smile. It means accepting ourselves as we are and highlighting our best features. True beauty comes from within and shines through for all to see

Jade: Being the kindest person you can possibly be.

Matthew: True beauty means taking care of myself both outside and inside. Nourishing my body with good, unprocessed food and also nourishing my skin with products made of natural ingredients. This helps me find peace in myself, which makes it easier to connect with others in my life, and that to me is beautiful.

Gupta: For me beauty means to be raw and natural, just the way your are. Stay raw! Stay you!

Tamara: True beauty comes from the inside of a person, not the outside

Jessica: True beauty is looking in the mirror and telling those parts that I don't particularly like "I love you". Being thankful for the small things.

Daniela: True Beauty means having a pure and clean heart. Knowing that it’s pure with no resentments, no negativity and no hatred makes me shine not only on the inside, but it shows on the outside.

Hannah: Being true to who you are!

Matt: True beauty is waking up every morning and being thankful for every day you get to live in this world in the body you're in. Love your own skin and the world will love you. True beauty comes from within.

Lucy: Beauty to me is Grace, Patience, Understanding & Giving.

Louise: True beauty to me means a lot. Deep down you need to love yourself and love the body you are in. I had some help making me realising this, I struggled with confidence and doubted a lot of things. Now I love myself and wake up every day and like what I see. Being a strong person that has been through a lot and comes out smiling is true beauty. Always love yourself!

Penny: True Beauty means feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Karen: Being natural and loving what you are born with.