meet Sara


Hi, I’m Sara, Founder + Formulator of Mermaid Cove Organics Shop + The Collection.

Mermaid Cove Organics was born in 2017 from a desire to create a space for truly natural + pure skincare products. Early in my journey towards natural skincare, I was using products that claimed to be “natural” but were far from that. Little did I know at the time that the beauty industry is very misleading and not as well regulated as we’d like to think. But if you’re here, you probably already know this.

I turned to small, niche brands for what I couldn’t find in the mainstream skincare industry and also started blending my own oils and potions. I became fascinated with plants and their ability to nourish and heal skin. This led to me immersing myself in studying aromatherapy and diving into all things natural skincare-related. Nature offers us an abundance of botanicals that have powerful properties to maintain skin health and using a simple recipe of botanical ingredients can have a strong impact on the feel and look of your skin. I also truly believe there is a need for simplicity in skincare. Often products are made more complex than they should be and are filled with harmful fillers & ingredients. Mermaid Cove Organics is a place where I want you to feel safe, knowing that all the products are going to be gentle and toxin-free, so you can care for your sweet skin without compromising.

Last year I also launched my own line of skincare brand Mermaid Cove Organics The Collection. My inspiration to create The Collection came from using and blending essential oils for myself and friends + family for years. The beauty of essential oils is that they work on a physical level as well as on an emotional one. For example, Jasmine and Chamomile in the Ocean Glow are highly concentrated and potent botanical ingredients that help restore skin health as well as evoke feelings of joy and peace. My hope for The Collection is to help others find a gentle way to care for their skin, so it can glow with pure happiness.

Talking with the makers of small beauty brands and making my own collection taught me so much about what truly “natural” skincare means. Natural skincare isn’t about using harsh chemicals to turn back time or strip your precious skin of it’s natural oils (which protect it). It’s so much more about finding a gentle way to care for your skin, appreciating your natural beauty, connecting with yourself and making your skincare routine a practise that contributes towards your physical and emotional wellbeing.

I hope you truly enjoy my little collection of natural, hand-made skincare! 🐚

Sara | Founder & Maker