We believe in treating the earth with gratitude, gentleness and love. Our passion for sustainability and our love for the environment is why Mermaid Cove Organics sources 100% natural brands only.

Our values are:

1. Sustainability

All our products are 100% natural, hand-made and responsibly packaged.

We make sure we learn about our suppliers and the raw ingredients they use in the manufacturing of the products. 

We use minimal packaging when shipping and re-use packaging material (paper) whenever possible. Your orders are shipped using Australia's first carbon neutral shipping company Sendle

2. Honesty

Our products are chosen with you in mind - we test every product ourselves and only share it with you once we are convinced it will bring joy and love to your daily skincare ritual. All our brand's ingredients, sourcing & manufacturing processes can be closely followed - every step of the way. 

Simply send us an email if you have any questions:

3. Quality

Mermaid Cove Organics proudly source only 100% natural, small-batch & hand-made brands.

The brands we distribute are made with high-quality 100% natural ingredients. We make sure all products in our shop are 100% free from harmful chemicals & fillers and don't contain any ingredients that have a negative effect on your skin or the environment. 

Unfortunately, in the beauty industry the words "natural" and "organic" are often used for products that only contain a few natural or organic ingredients. Even certified products often only have to contain a few organic ingredients to receive their label.

At Mermaid Cove Organics we look beyond jargon and even certification labels and focus our attention on the raw ingredients of a product as well on how those are sourced. We believe that anything other than 100% pure and natural doesn't belong on your skin. 

4. Love

Love for the Earth. Love for the Skin. Love for the Soul.

Mermaid Cove Organics is all about promoting a skincare routine that not only nourishes your skin & is kind to the earth, but also truly contributes to your wellbeing. On our blog we share tips on how to take care of your beautiful skin and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Proudly spreading the love for hand-made skincare, one Mermaid at a time. 🐚