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Mermaid Cove Organics is an Australian natural Skincare brand based in Sydney. The Collection is made with fresh, high quality botanicals, oils & clays in small-batches in our little studio + designed to help you fall in love with your skin. I believe skincare has the ability to help you connect with your body, mind and soul. The textures, scents and consistency all offer a sensory experience that help practise mindfulness. The aim of our products is to help you make your daily skincare ritual a daily opportunity to connect deeply with yourself. 

Founded in 2017 Mermaid Cove Organics started as a blog about all-natural skincare which then quickly developed into an Australian online shop shop that only stocks high-quality, eco-conscious and carefully designed skincare products that are lovingly handcrafted by passionate makers. The products are all formulated with care, love and a passion for creating skincare that is both, functional & sustainable. 

I also always encourage my customers to learn more about truly natural ingredients that don't cost the earth. There is a lot of confusion in the world of natural skincare and it's important to me that you can make informed decisions about what to use on your body.

In 2019 we condensed our shop to only stock two international brands from Hawaii (‘ili Skincare and Kopa Kauai Soap Co.), one brand from New Zealand (Black Robin Skincare) and one from Australia (Balanced Pantry). We also continue to stock iconic Australian-made tropical Scrunchies.

I am proud to be spreading the love for small-batch, 100% natural & hand-made products, one mermaid at a time. If you have any questions, simply send me a note and I'll be more than happy to help. 

I hope you truly enjoy discovering our products and let them help you create the most beautiful connection with yourself 🐚

Sara | Founder & Maker