Whole Lotta Rosie Mist

Whole Lotta Rosie Mist


Pamper yourself with this alcohol-free Rose toner, containing a blend of rose, neroli and cucumber hydrosols.

Spritz on face, neck and décolletage to tone, hydrate, refresh or simply to smell bloomin' great. Whole Lotta Rosie is made from spray free roses grown in Hawke's Bay New Zealand and has the most gorgeous, delicate floral scent. Rose water is hydrating, Neroli is soothing and calming to the skin whilst Cucumber Water cools and calms.

Skin Type | All skin types

How to Use

Whole Lotta Rosie is super gentle and versatile. Use as a toner after cleansing, to hydrate and refresh skin after exercise or sunbathing (a must-have at the gym or beach), as DIY baby wipes by spraying onto a clean cloth or tissues. Keep in the fridge for an amazing cooling summer spritz!

Mermaid Tip

For the perfect summer time ritual: Freeze some Whole Lotta Rosie (in ice cube containers) and then massage the frozen cubes on your face, neck and décolletage.

Capacity | 100ml

Ingredients Rose flower distillate (Rosa Damascena), Neroli distillate (Citrus Aurantium Bigaradia), Cucumber distillate (Cucumis Sativus).

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