The Pure Love Essentials

The Pure Love Essentials


This is what skincare dreams are made of: skin softening coconut oil and hydrating cacao - leaving your skin silky smooth. 

The 'ili Hawaiian Rose Coffee Scrub has over 40 antioxidant compounds that not only tone and brighten your skin, but also remove toxins and stimulate circulation.

The beautiful scent of fragrant rose is intoxicating, motivating and can give you the power to start your day or invigorate your night out.

Palmarosa helps to clean and rid skin of blemishes by clearing acne-causing bacteria. Helps the skin retain its water balance, regulate its secretion of sebum, and has a reputation for eliminating wrinkles.

Palmarosa is known to also reduce hypo-pigmented skin from scars and stretch marks and helps prevent damage from free radicals while improving beautiful skin elasticity.

The 'ili Pure Love Body Oil is loaded with the superfood cacao, containing antioxidants which protect & help repair skin - perfect for Mermaids who spend lots of time in the sun!

Cacao blocks out free radicals helping with premature aging due to being full of skin friendly vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, vitamin C and omega 6 fatty acids. These vitamins help to increase blood flow and promote cellular healing - two very important processes of the body that boost a youthful glow.

Pair this with protein rich coconut and you've got yourself a wonderful moisturising oil! 

Skin Type | All skin types, but especially beneficial for dry skin.

Capacity | 'ili Rose Coffee Scrub:100g | 'ili Pure Love Body Oil 60ml

Ingredients 'ili Rose Coffee Scrub *Organic local Hawaiian coffee blend, water, *organic coconut oil, *organic sugar, Hawaiian sea salt, vitamin E, wild palmarosa essential oil.

Ingredients 'ili Pure Love Body Oil *Organic Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil & *Organic Cocoa Essential Oil.


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